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About CCP US

Creative Classics Inc. was born thirty years ago in Canada with a mandate to write, publish, and market entertaining, insightful, and informative high-end books.

The company’s first book, The Wizards: Millionaire Magicians of the Vancouver Stock Market, was launched in spring 1988. Within six months, it hit the Canadian Bestseller List.


Over the next twenty-five years, the Creative Classics team wrote and published another twenty-two books including: Gold Rush: Companies searching for the world’s most precious metal; Above and Beyond the Glass Ceiling: women who have shattered barriers in the business world; The Green Stocks Investment Book: Earth-friendly companies prospering in the growing movement; The Great, Green Gold Rush: the pioneers, former outlaws, and innovators forging the legal cannabis industry, and Made in the USA: entrepreneurs bullish on keeping the tradition of manufacturing home-grown American products alive and well.

Creative Classics Publications US (CCP US) is carrying on the publishing tradition established by its namesake, while also looking around corners for the next generation of disruptive markets to showcase, pioneering entrepreneurs to spotlight, and emerging thought-leaders to give voice to.

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