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Editorial Director, Kathleen Tracy


As an author, I’ve had more than 100 books published by traditional mass market publishers such as St. Martin’s, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster as well as reference and educational houses including Adams Media, Facts on File, and Mitchell-Lane. I have extensive experience authoring books across many genres, with particular expertise in biographies and memoirs, technology and science. (Shameless plug alert!) On the fiction front my recently released novel, Deadline (Diversion Books), the first of a new series, is available in print or e-book on Amazon and other book sites. 


A disclaimer for Googlers: There happens to be two Kathleen Tracy’s. I am NOT the one who writes about quilts, dolls, and other Americana crafts. I’m the one who writes everything else.


As a ghost-writer, I have been commissioned to write numerous finance- and business-related books, working closely with the client to make sure the manuscript expressed their voice and perspective, which indirectly put me on Michael Caldwell’s radar.


I began working with Canada-based Creative Classics Inc. in 2014 and handled the interviews and writing of nine books (some credited, some not) including Corporate Wizards; Above and Beyond the Glass Ceiling; The Great, Green, Gold Rush; Made in the USA; Dynamic Entrepreneurs; Dynamic Founders, and The American Entrepreneur, the latter to be released in spring 2020. In late 2019 I was given the privilege of taking over Creative Classics’ new incarnation, CCP US, which will embrace the original company’s tradition of supporting and showcasing entrepreneurs while also providing new platforms to give voice to the visionaries of today and the thought-leaders of tomorrow.


When it comes to books, regardless the genre or subject, the job of every author is to engage readers and keep them turning the page. And that’s the goal for every CCP US title under my watch.

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